The Science Behind Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers
Foot Levelers’ custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers were designed by a chiropractor to treat the body as a functional unit, starting with the feet. They support all three arches in each foot and can help to properly support the back, knees, hips, ankles and pelvis by providing a balanced foundation and support through all phases of gait.  The Gait Cycle System is patented and is only available from Foot Levelers.

Flexible Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers & Power Soles:

    • 3-arch support balances the feet, balances the body, and restores normal foot function.
    • Promotes optimum posture and enhances chiropractic adjustments, resulting in longer-term symptom relief.
    • Designed to help maintain normal joint position, thereby reducing serial changes up the lower extremity, pelvis and spine.
    • Designed to influence the joint receptors and evoke positive proprioceptive responses from the cerebellum, resulting in better muscle balance.
    • Does not create any hypermobile joints above the ankle.
    • Designed to reduce shock and work with the foot when the foot is in motion.
    • Patented Gait Cycle System® offers custom support through each phase of your gait, individually designed based on digital images or impressions of your feet.

Hard Rigid Orthotics and Generic Store-Bought Solutions:

    • Only supports 1 arch and often overcorrects, causing more harm than good.
    • Does not provide custom support throughout the gait cycle.
    • Just a cushion designed to treat the symptom rather than the underlying problem.
    • Durability is questionable, so you may spend more money over time replacing them.
    • Offers generic solutions for a set number of foot conditions.
    • Designed with little regard for the skeletal structure as a whole.