Support your Neck in it’s Natural Position

The Tri-Core Fiber Support Pillow features a trapezoid center and raised side sections to provide proper support while sleeping on your back or side. 

Benefits of the Tri-Core Pillow:

      • For Back and Side Sleeping
      • Antimicrobial Fiber
      • Helps Relieve:
      • Tension headaches
      • Neck muscle and joint sprains
      • Ligament Sprains
      • Arthritis
      • Whiplash injuries

Natural Pain Relief
Cervical pillows, like the Tri-Core, are a natural, drug-free way to help correct and maintain neck curvature, providing the proper sleeping posture needed to help alleviate headaches, neck strains, arthritis and other ailments.  They accomplish this by providing comfort and helping support the head and neck in their most natural , neutral position.  A proper sleeping posture can provide relief from, and help prevent, nerve pressure and airway blockage (a major cause of snoring), and assist in the recovery from whiplash and other neck injuries. 

Most people experience an increase in sleeping comfort within a couple days.  Others, however, may require up to two weeks before the neck and back muscles adjust to their proper position.

 Why the Shaped Center?

The shaped center provides maximum comfort and flexibility.  When sleeping on the back, the center cradles the head to support the neck in its most natural position.  When rolling from the back to the side, the pillow again properly supports the neck.  The sides of the pillow are recommended for slide sleeping.

The neck is gently supported in a comfortable position on the raised section of the pillow.  When rolling to the back, the center lets the head nestle for the greatest comfort and appropriate support.